Weekly Safety Topic Program

Weekly Safety Topic Program

The DENNSCO Weekly Safety Topic Program provides an extremely easy to use, efficient, organized, and effective means to provide weekly safety training to personnel. This program can account for over 18 hours safety training contact hours per employee per year.




  • Prepares and distributes a Weekly Safety Topic each weekend.

  • The Weekly Safety Topic is distributed personnel with computer access via electronic mail

  • Each Supervisor of employees without computer access may print each week’s topic and Teach the Topic

  • Attendance Sheets are provided with each week's Safety Topic

  • Each week’s Weekly Safety Topic adds up to over 18 hours safety training contact time over a year and will cover many of the OSHA-required annual training requirements.

  • The Weekly Safety Topic Program also allows incident/injury specific information to be provided to the entire organization in a timely and effective manner

  • The Weekly Safety Topic provides a vehicle to teach valuable safety-related lessons each week.

  • Each Weekly Safety Topic is prepared by the team of DENNSCO Professionals

Four (4) examples of the Weekly Safety Topic are available for review under the "Services" Tab Drop Down Menu.

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